• General Tank monthly Maintenance

Cost $1.00 a gallon with a $50 minimum Salt, Carbon and other filter media are not included.
Includes 20-30% water change, Cleaning gravel, testing water parameters, cleaning and changing
filter media, checking all tank accessories for preventive maintenance .

• Moving

Moving a fish tank to a new home or another part of the home. Moving is a huge ordeal especially if that
involves a fish tank. AquaScapes can save most of your original tank water to make your move go
seamless and having less stress on your aquatic life. By saving as much water as possible this
improves the recovery time of you aquatic environment. Call for pricing

• Custom Installations

Putting a tank in wall or other custom area. AquaScapes will work with your contractor or can supply
one to help you in this process. Today tanks are being made in all shapes and sizes from corner tanks to
half circles. If you ever wanted a fish tank but don’t think you have a place for it AquaScapes can most likely
suggest a tank for you.

• Custom Filters

The key to a successful fish tank is proper filtration. With the motto “you can never have too much
filtration” AquaScapes can design a filter that will hold the most water possible giving your display tank a
lot more turnover and thus adding to the total volume of your tank. If it’s in a stand or a floor below the
tank AquaScapes can make it happen.